Nutrition & Weaning

Why do first foods matter?

The first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are critical for nurturing their growing mind and body, and inspiring a love of fresh vegetables, fruits and wholegrains. Helping your baby experience this brand-new world of taste and texture is super exciting – and a great way to set up healthy habits for life.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed baby food?

We use Cold Pressure (HPP) to lock in the natural goodness of our organic ingredients. It’s what preserves the natural flavour, texture, colour and nutrients (especially the heat-sensitive ones, like vitamin C), while killing off potentially harmful bacteria. ‘Normal’ baby food on the other hand uses heat-sterilisation, so it can sit on a supermarket shelf for two years. Not so yummy or nutritious!

Why should I introduce bitter tasting veggies instead of just sweet?

Babies are born with a preference for sweet tastes, so they don’t always start life as veggie fans. But research says you can create healthy habits for life if you introduce more bitter veg, like kale, early. Don’t lose heart if your baby doesn’t like something – it can take 15 goes to get your baby used to a new flavour!