Our Story

At Little Tummy, we’re bringing fresh meals to Little Ones since 2017 -
making meal time as yummy and easy as possible, without compromise.

A message from our founder

Being a mother of twins, I'm always juggling to keep all balls up in the air. It's not always easy - quit frankly it usually never is. And we all know perfection does not exist. But one thing I don't like to compromise on is healthy mealtimes for my family. I've started Little Tummy to nurture a love for healthy foods from early on and support modern families!

Empowered by Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova, supermodel, investor and mum of 5 children, has been one of the first believers in Little Tummy.
When she introduced solids to her children, there were no healthy and convenient baby food options available. Either you made your own baby food or you had to resort to unhealthy supermarket products. She loves that Little Tummy supports families to raise healthy eaters.