our mission

meet the founders

Dr Sophie

In-house Paediatrician and Co-Founder

Having trained at University Hospitals in Munich, Harvard and Bern, Sophie has spent the last 3 years working in the NHS and at a private paediatric practice. Having helped lots of families on their weaning journey, she felt there should be more help and support on hand for these parents. Knowing what an immense impact first foods have on her little patients’ development, she became the Co-Founder of Little Tummy.

Nadine Hellmann


After becoming godmother to her best friend’s baby, Nadine realised that there are no fresh, truly nutritious and convenient baby food options available for parents to feed their little ones when life gets hectic. Believing that there should be a more nutritious alternative to the ready-made baby foods on the shelves, Nadine founded Little Tummy.

Our process

Unlike the super-processed alternatives, which dominate the market, none of the meals we make are ever heat-treated. Instead, we use a cold-pressure-method
which is known as high-pressure-processing, or HPP.

What does this mean for your little one?
Well, firstly it allows us to retain essential vitamins, textures and flavours from our fresh ingredients.
It also means our meals have a natural expiry date, whereas most baby food you will find on the shelves
is older than your little one. Gross, right?


We support the future of all babies. This is why we work hard to ensure that not only are our meals good for the babies of today, but everything we do is good for our planet’s tomorrow.

To do this, we have made all of our plastic pots 100% recyclable, as well as BPA and aluminium free.
And when it comes time to deliver them to you,
they’re safely insulated with recycled paper.

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