All the benefits of cold-pressed baby food

Little Tummy

From our organic ingredients to our cold pressure method, our baby meals are a guilt-free and convenient way to nourish your little one. Read on to find out what makes our baby food different to the “normal” baby food on supermarket shelves.


Cold Pressure 

Here at Little Tummy, we use Cold Pressure (also known as High Pressure Processing or HPP). This is how we’re able to deliver farm fresh baby food directly to your doorstep. So, what does this actually mean? We start with nutrient-rich and paediatrician-approved recipes, full of fresh organic fruit and veggies. We blend our ingredients, before packaging and sealing. Next, it’s time to apply cold pressure… and we’re talking pressure that is eleven times the pressure at the deepest point of the ocean! This method destroys any potential food-borne bacteria whilst naturally extending shelf life, but only by a few weeks.


The baby food that’s readily available on supermarket shelves uses extreme heat instead. This process creates a long shelf life. So long that supermarket baby food is typically older than the baby that’s eating it. While this process does remove harmful bacteria, it also results in a watery puree lacking fresh taste, texture or colour. 



All of our recipes are paediatrician-approved. Every meal has been created with your baby’s nutrition in mind, plus we’ve made sure they’re really yummy too. Our cold pressure method preserves more vitamins and minerals than baby food produced with extreme heat. Important vitamins such as Vitamin C are actually very heat sensitive and are destroyed when treated with extreme heat.



Taste, colour and texture
We’re passionate about the quality of our farm fresh ingredients. Cold pressure allows us to lock in the natural taste, colour and texture of the fruits and veggies that we use. We promise you’ll see no difference to your homemade baby food! For us, this is really important as we know from research that introducing your baby to the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables from the beginning will help them to set up healthy habits for a lifetime. Heat-processed baby food tastes very bland, nothing like the actual ingredients listed on the packaging. 

Here at Little Tummy, we believe that babies should enjoy fresh, nutritious and delicious foods, from their very first spoonful! Order fresh today!