All the benefits of cold-pressed baby food

Nadine Hellmann

All our baby meals are made from organic ingredients and freshly cold-pressed. In contrast to ambient baby food brands, we don't use extreme heat to preserve our foods. So what are the benefits of cold-pressed baby foods?


Commonly available baby food pouches or jars are heavily heat-processed to achieve a shelf life of up to 2 years. Due to the extreme heat-treatment they not only lose their colour and taste, but also a lot of vitamins and micronutrients. This is why their nutritional value is not as good as fresh baby food. The lack of texture and authentic taste also prevents your baby from learning how real food should taste.

Nutrition: Locking in natural vitamins and nutrients

Vitamins and micronutrients are very heat-sensitive. This means they are destroyed when exposed to extreme heat. By cold-pressing, we avoid heating the meals while they are made, so we preserve these important nutrients for your baby.

For example, Vitamin C usually gets destroyed when you boil a meal. Our processing method preserves it, so your little one can enjoy all the benefits, such as increasing iron absorption and supporting your child’s immune system.


Taste: Keeping fresh taste, texture and colour

As mentioned, the cold-pressure method that we are using is a very gentle method which allows us to naturally keep fresh taste, texture and colours of organic ingredients intact. What does this mean for your little one? He or she will get used to the real taste of veggies from early on. This will help to develop a preference for these from early on.

Convenience: Extending (refrigerated) shelf-life naturally

We naturally extend our meals life-time (we never use preservatives!) and make sure the product is safe for your little ones. The pressure used in the process literary squeezes down bacteria that could contaminate the food and therefore naturally extend the (refrigerated) shelf-life up to several weeks.

What is Little Tummy doing differently than heat processed baby food brands from the shelves? 

At Little Tummy, we use a cold-pressure-method, also known as “high-pressure-processing” or “high-pressure-protected” (HPP). Using this method allows us to lock in fresh flavours and textures but most importantly the natural vitamins and nutrients of our organic ingredients.

Here is a very easy explanation video how HPP works:


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