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Nurturing your baby's needs

Nurturing your baby's needs

We’ve researched hundreds of great-tasting ingredients to find the ones that really pack a nutritional punch - so you don’t have to! We only use organic ingredients - no nasties! It’s guilt-free goodness!

As fresh as it gets

As fresh as it gets

We use cold-pressure, not heat, to lock in the fresh goodness of our ingredients – the nutrients, vitamins, colour and natural flavour. ‘Normal’ baby food on the other hand uses heat-sterilisation, so it can sit on a supermarket shelf for two years.

From farm to spoon

All our ingredients come from trusted partner farms who are EU certified organic . We can track and trace each ingredient back to its roots.

All our ingredients come from trusted partner farms who are EU certified organic . We can track and trace each ingredient back to its roots.

Loved by parents

We're here to support you during your weaning journey and beyond! If you have any doubts, drop us a message.

Delicious food (I tried it myself). The sweet potato and mango was the biggest hit with my son followed by apple and millet. Didn’t like the kale so much. This food is far fresher than Ella kitchen and other pouches whose sell by dates are months in the future. Great idea for busy mums. Rachel via TrustPilot

I could not recommend it more highly. The package arrived in extremely thoughtful eco friendly packaging and ice pack so it was very chilled and cool. The food is completely delicious! My daughter really enjoys eating it and I do too! It’s very fresh and full of nutrients so I know she’s getting all the goodness she needs. Alice Fry via Trust Pilot

“I fell in love with the brand before my 6-months old daughter Lilli Jazz even tried their baby food. Then finally the fresh meals arrived and we looooved it. The package is amazing AND eco-friendly. I was a bit sceptical about the taste - maybe too healthy?! hahaha - but my daughter loves it: all flavours, which is incredible! It’s super fresh! I would order again and I’m excited about the next flavours.” Uli, mum of Lilli Jazz @foundsomepaper

“First of all, they taste amazing! Second of all, I love the idea of my baby getting homemade fresh food without me having to spend hours preparing it. I find comfort in knowing that a dietitian works with Little Tummy and I know for sure that my baby is receiving a balanced and nutritious meal. This is perfect for us busy mums who still want the best for their babies!” @chaus_adventure

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Your questions, answered.

How long do your meals last?
Our meals stay fresh in the fridge for 10 days or longer (please refer to the best before date) and can be frozen for up to 1 month. Take them with you when you’re out and about, and they’ll stay fresh for as long as 8 hours! And don’t worry - if your baby doesn’t finish an entire container, you can put the lid back on and pop it back into the fridge for later (once opened, we recommend consuming within 48 hours.)
Can I heat your baby meals?
Yes, heat them gently in a hot water bath to preserve all the goodness. Never pop them in the microwave. Your baby can also enjoy them cold.
How do I know your food is safe and top quality?
Your baby's health is our #1 priority! That’s why we use Cold Pressure (HPP) to lock in the freshness and goodness of each ingredient. This process also kills any harmful bacteria. Plus, all our ingredients come from trusted partner farms who are EU certified organic and adhere to the highest food standards.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes! Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our cold packs can also be reused or recycled – you just wash the non-toxic gel down the sink and recycle the plastic. Not only that. We also insulate your box with recycled newspaper to keep it cold. And our pots are made from plastic that’s completely free of BPA and harmful toxins.