How to introduce water to your baby

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It seems logical that a baby will have to learn to drink water at some point, right? But when is the right time and what is the best way to do it? We've put together the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

When can I give water to my baby?

Your baby won’t need water until the age of 6 months or until you introduce solids. Once your baby has three or more meals per day or if they are struggling with harder stools, you can add water to your baby’s daily routine. Before this, your baby will get enough fluids through their breast milk or formula. 

How should I introduce water?

Offer water from a sippy cup. It will be messy in the beginning, as your little one needs to learn this new and quite complex skill. By offering water from the same kind of sippy cup several times a day, your little one will slowly learn how to use it and get used to drinking from it. Around the age of 10 months, most babies will be ready to move to an open cup. 

What drink should I choose?

Water is the best choice for your baby as it provides fluid without containing any sugar. Sugary drinks, such as juices or a lot of fizzy drinks, are rich in sugar and, therefore, bad for your little one’s teeth. An alternative to water can be unsweetened fruit or herbal teas - chamomile or fennel are said to help with upset stomachs. Under the age of 12 months, you shouldn’t substitute a breast milk or formula feed with cow’s milk or milk alternatives.

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