Can my baby have cinnamon?

Dr Sophie Niedermaier

It’s Christmas time and we all love the smell of cinnamon in the air. A lot of parents wonder if their babies can try the exotic spice. Cinnamon is part of a lot of cuisines around the world and everyone has a different favourite recipe. Just think of Lebanese cinnamon rice or Scandinavian cinnamon buns. It is used for sweet and savoury dishes alike and gives a distinct smell, taste and colour wherever it is used.

How can I can introduce cinnamon to my baby?

It is safe to give small amounts of cinnamon to your baby. You can sprinkle a little bit on porridge for breakfast or spice up sweet potato, pumpkin or quinoa dishes. Cinnamon also goes well with fruit like apple, pear or banana. 

You might want to try our pumpkin spice porridge to get your little one interested in the taste.

Where does cinnamon come from?

Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of different varieties of cinnamon trees. It originally came from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Today, most cinnamon comes from China and Indonesia.

Does cinnamon have any health benefits?

Some countries classify cinnamon as ‘functional food’. This means that it has been shown to have a potentially beneficial effect on health. Some studies have shown that the essential oil of cinnamon can have anti-inflammatory effects and that it can help with inflammation of the stomach. There is one study which showed that it had protective effects against a type of viral cold and another one highlighted antimicrobial effects.