Sophie's Pregnancy Diary: Week 22!

Little Tummy

Wonderful tummy news in the Little Tummy headquarters: Our founder Sophie and her husband Theo are expecting a baby this summer!

Even though Sophie has worked with a lot of newborn babies, the world of becoming a mum is new to her. The best thing about it: She is taking you with her on her journey. Every other week, Sophie will answer a few questions on how she is doing and what is happening in her life.

You are now 22 weeks pregnant. How are you feeling?
I understand now why everyone told me the second trimester is the best one. I enjoy the benefits of being pregnant (shiny hair and soft skin) but I don’t feel the symptoms of the first trimester so much anymore.

My bump is growing, so I had my first shopping spree for maternity clothes this week. I found some very comfortable trousers, which leave enough space for the growing tummy. It made me think of the episode on ‘Friends’, where Joey wears Rachel’s pregnancy trousers for the Thanksgiving dinner. I completely understand this and will keep the trousers for future use.

Do you exercise these days?

I am trying to stay active as much as I can, although the tiredness is not a great motivator. I am taking walks, go to a regular pregnancy yoga class and do lighter exercise at the gym once or twice a week. The yoga class helps me a lot to calm down after a busy day at work and to focus on the little one moving inside me. It is also nice to meet other pregnant mums there and talk about everything around pregnancy.

What is your favourite food at the moment?

I love salads and eat them in all varieties for dinner. Otherwise, I am into all kinds of sour fruit, such as oranges and apples. And our local gelateria is experimenting with new ice cream flavours, so you can find me there on the weekends. My current favourites are passion fruit and dark chocolate sorbet.