10 tips to keep your children healthy this winter

Dr Sophie Niedermaier

Winter time is flu time. Which parent cannot tell a story about endless nights of fever, cough and visits to the toilet? To make your winter better this year we give 10 simple tips to boost your child’s immune system.

1: Get fresh air by taking a walk in the park

2: Remember to take Vitamin D throughout the winter. Wondering how much Vitamin D your baby needs? Here you can read more here

3: Make sure your child has all immunisations.

4: A smoke-free environment is crucial for healthy airways

5: Get enough sleep: A rested immune system is stronger.

6: Increase your iron storage by eating red meat, grains and pulses, in combination with Vitamin C (sweet potato or fruit) to improve iron uptake

7: Get the flu vaccine. Some nurseries and schools offer it to their children.

8: Probiotics from yogurt or kefir also help. 

9:Drink plenty of water to keep your airways hydrated. This will help them to stay clear from viruses and bacteria.

10: Start exercising together. Start with a bike ride along the river.