Is my baby ready for weaning?

Dr Sophie Niedermaier

Around the age of 6 months, babies will be developmentally ready to start their exciting weaning journey. Your little one will show you signs of readiness which tell you that you are good to go! 

4 signs which indicate that your baby is developmentally ready for solids

Sign 1: Your baby can hold their head and neck in a steady position

In order to start solids, your baby needs to master a few motor skills. One of the most important ones is the ability to hold the head in a steady position. This helps your baby to observe how the food makes its way to the mouth and to coordinate chewing and swallowing.


Sign 2: Your baby can sit with almost no support

Your baby doesn’t need to be able to sit freely. You can give the first meals having your baby in a half seated position on your lap, stabilizing the back with one hand and feeding with the other.


Sign 3: Your baby shows hand-mouth coordination

At this stage, babies explore the environment visually and orally – with their eyes and their mouth. This means that at some point your baby will want to try the food rather than only watch you eat it. Once they are able to grasp for the food and bring it to their mouth, you will know that you are good to go. 


Sign 4: Your baby is able to take food from a spoon

Babies have an inborn reflex: their tongue pushes anything automatically away when it is touched. This is to protect them from aspirating food that they cannot chew yet. Once the key motor skills are developed, this reflex vanishes and your little one is ready to dive into the world of food.

Do you think your little one might be ready? We hope you enjoy your first steps on this exciting journey! Our Little Tummy meals are waiting for you!

Some signs which don’t necessarily mean your little one is ready yet

Your baby is hungrier than usual:

All babies have a growth and developmental spurt between 3 to 4 months when their calorie demand naturally goes up. This is not the time to introduce solids yet but to increase the frequency of feeds until the phase is over.


Your baby wakes up during the night more frequently:

Around the age of 4 months, babies go through a phase of sleep regression. This has to do with their mental development and less with increased hunger.


Your baby is drooling and chews their toys:

This is actually a sign your little one is slowly getting ready for introducing solids and is not quite there yet. At around 4 months, babies will start putting toys into their mouth in order to explore new textures with their tongue. This sensitizes the nerves of the tongue and trains the muscles - skills your baby will need for trying different foods.

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