Interview with Nadine - our CEO & Founder!

Little Tummy

We interviewed our CEO & Founder Nadine about her inspiration to found Little Tummy and what comes next✨✨

What inspired you to start Little Tummy?

My motivation and inspiration to start Little Tummy has been my Godson. I’ve realised that all commonly available organic baby food that was older than Hector. Why? All those baby foods that sit on the shelves have been "commercially sterilised" -which means they sat in hot metal pipes for hours, therefore,they lost their vitamins and natural freshness.  At Little Tummy we don't heat-treat out products, we use a cold pressure method which allows to lock in vitamins and the authentic taste of each ingredient, and make the food safe for delivery.

What are you aiming to achieve, what's Little Tummy‘s mission?🥦

Sophie, my Co-Founder and I experience that children food is often about catchy marking slogans and flashy packaging, not necessarily quality. We have a genuinely science-based approach, Sophie, being a Paediatrician, knows which nutrients are crucial for healthy development, and she develops each recipe. We want to help parents to provide their little ones with fresh and nutrient-dense foods that support not only healthy development but also healthy eating habits. We both believe that healthy habits are on of the  most important foundations for a long and happy life.

What do you enjoy the most about growing Little Tummy?💕

For me it’s definitely feeling and seeing that we make a positive impact on children’s health. We love to create foods that are honest and truly nutritious and support parents to raise healthy eaters. Every time we get a 5 star review on Trustpilot or parents send us pictures of their LOs enjoying the food - my heart melts.

Biggest challenge?

That’s a difficult one😉 Every day there are some new challenges but in the end of the day the opportunities outweigh the challenges. Some days nothing turns out as planned and others we celebrate because we’ve secured another partnership or had a successful retail meeting. And what really keeps us going - not matter what - is your positive feedback!

What is the next big step for Little Tummy? 🌟

Definitely growing our product range and also offering foods for toddlers and children - stay tuned. We will share next year but we are busily working on it! We received very constructive feedback from our lovely customers which we are incorporating in new recipes. Please be patient and stay tuned!🙏🏻

Can you share some advice on how to be brave enough to start your own business? 💪🏻

I think you need to trust your instincts and feelings, personally, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea and quite naturally started pitching Little Tummy to family and friends. Every founder journey (and every founder) is different so there is not this one piece of advice. I believe it definitely helps if your friends and family also believe in you and support your journey. There will be ups and downs so it’s good if you have a trusted circle of supporters😊

 If you like to follow Nadine’s business endeavors it’s best to connect and follow her on LinkedIn

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