Sophie‘s Pregnancy Diary: Week 30!

Little Tummy

Wonderful tummy news in the Little Tummy headquarters: Our founder Sophie and her husband Theo are expecting a baby this summer!

Even though Sophie has worked with a lot of newborn babies, the world of becoming a mum is new to her. The best thing about it: She is taking you with her on her journey. Every other week, Sophie will answer a few questions on how she is doing and what is happening in her life.

How are you feeling at 30 weeks?

I just came back from a very short babymoon in Crete, so I am still feeling quite relaxed. We took our friends’ advice and enjoyed a lovely time just the two of us in the sun. My body is changing rapidly now and I had to adjust to it, as I was experiencing some back pain. This is quite common in pregnancy and 50-80% of women have to go through this during their pregnancy. After a few days, where it was difficult for me to move around due to the pain, I am now a bit wiser and leave heavier lifting and picking up things from the floor to my husband.

What does your diet look like these days?

Little one is getting bigger and I get filled up quite quickly now, which means smaller means more frequently. I don’t have any crazy cravings at the moment but I did enjoy a lot of Greek cuisine while we were away: Big and small fish, which are abundant in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In Greece, fish is usually prepared in a simple way with only olive oil and lemon, accompanied by healthy greens, such as a salad or dark leafy greens, called chorta. I also loved the Greek sheep yogurt in the morning with honey and walnuts.

What else are you doing to get ready for the little one?

My husband and I are talking more and more to the baby, both in our mother tongue. There aren’t any studies that this might be beneficial for the baby, but it makes the arrival of the little one much more realistic. We also play our favourite music and sing along. The little one usually starts kicking once we turn on the music, so I hope this shows approval of our music taste.