Sophie's Pregnancy Diary: The First Trimester

Nadine Hellmann

Wonderful tummy news in the Little Tummy headquarters: Our founder Sophie and her husband Theo are expecting a baby this summer!

Even though Sophie has worked with a lot of newborn babies, the world of becoming a mum is new to her. The best thing about it: She is taking you with her on her journey. Every other week, Sophie will answer a few questions on how she is doing and what is happening in her life.

We hope you will enjoy this read! If you have any or can share some tips with Sophie, please comment below.

  • 1. How are you feeling?

  • I am 17 weeks pregnant now and the symptoms of the first trimester are slowly getting better. I still feel like I want to sleep everywhere and all the time. I also still struggle with the packed tube during rush hours, as it makes me feel sick. Luckily, I manage to adapt my working routine on most days, as I can work from home in the early morning and go to the office after rush hour.

    2. What was the best thing in the first three months?

    The happiness we felt when we saw the positive pregnancy test was overwhelming! Telling our friends and family were also very special moments.

    3. And what was the most difficult thing?

    Getting used to the changes in my body was a challenge. As I felt extremely tired and was also nauseous, I had to slow down my pace at work and at home. Working out had always been a great compensation for me and I had to realise that I would have to change my daily routine quite a bit. I’ve started to do daily walks and pregnancy yoga - which I really enjoy!

    4. What is going on in your body?

    The first three months I felt very nauseous, pretty much all day long. Luckily, this is getting better now but I still have reflux in the evening and at night. Day-time naps have become good friends whenever I can fit them in.

    5. What are you looking out for in your nutrition?

    I’ve always had a quite healthy diet. The first trimester was really difficult as I was so nauseous and I felt there wasn’t really anything, which could make me feel better. I ate a lot of warm comfort food, such as soups and mashed potatoes.

    At the moment, I need two breakfasts, one directly after I get up (usually some banana and porridge) and a second breakfast around 10 am, which is usually oats or yogurt with fruit. For lunch, I often have a big bowl of veggies. I have an early and very light dinner with steamed veggies and fish or chicken, this helps quite a bit with the reflux. I eat a few snacks in between mealtimes and try to keep them healthy (fruit, nuts or some yogurt) but often fail and the snack is chocolate or a piece of cake.

    I take a prenatal supplement to make sure I get enough folic acid and Vitamin D, as well as supplements with omega 3 fatty acids.