Eggs for babies

Little Tummy

Easter is not the only time of the year to enjoy a yummy egg breakfast. We all love our omelette, scrambled or poached egg. But what about our babies? A lot of parents ask me if they can feed eggs to their baby. 

There is more than one reason why eggs are great for your baby. The egg white is a good source of protein and Vitamin B2, it is also lower in fat than the yolk. The egg yolk on the other hand supplies us with the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as micronutrients such as selenium, zinc and copper. All these nutrients support your baby’s brain development, especially motor skills. 

Egg is one of the common allergens in babies, so it is advised to introduce it separately from other allergens, such as gluten, nuts or fish. You can start introducing eggs from the age of 6 months. Research has shown that it is better to introduce eggs earlier rather than later (e.g. after 12 months) to avoid food allergies. 

You can offer eggs in all forms to your baby: Hard-boiled and cut in grasp-sized slices as finger food, scrambled eggs for spoon-feeding or an omelette. 

All eggs with a lion stamp can be given as runny eggs, too!

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