20 weeks: It is half-time already!

Little Tummy

Wonderful tummy news in the Little Tummy headquarters: Our founder Sophie and her husband Theo are expecting a baby this summer!

Even though Sophie has worked with a lot of newborn babies, the world of becoming a mum is new to her. The best thing about it: She is taking you with her on her journey. Every other week, Sophie will answer a few questions on how she is doing and what is happening in her life.

You are now 20 weeks pregnant. How are you feeling?
I cannot believe it is already half-time! I was nervous about the first 12 weeks so they felt like an eternity but now time seems to be flying. My body tells me to take it slow, which isn’t always easy as I am usually an active person. I can see the tummy growing and the little one has started kicking by now, which is the most amazing feeling!

What do you eat these days? Any funny cravings?

The taste buds of a baby develop around 13 to 15 weeks. From then onwards, the little one swallows amniotic fluid and can taste the food I eat as well. There is a well-known study, where pregnant mothers drank carrot juice during pregnancy and, indeed, their babies initially liked carrots! I want to see what is behind the theory and am eating a lot of greens these days - spinach, salads, kale and broccoli. Steamed salmon for omega 3 and spinach or kale are among my favorites at the moment. Let’s see if the little one will show me a veg face in a year from now.

The cravings have gotten a lot better. However, I need very regular meals, otherwise my energy levels (and my mood) drop.

Are you still having trouble on the tube?

I started wearing my ‘Baby on Board’ badge, which turned out to be very helpful. There is always a kind person who will give up their seat for me. Sitting down helps a lot with the dizziness I experience in big crowds. I also take plenty of water with me to stay well hydrated on the tube ride and a little rescue chocolate can also be found in my handbag.

In the beginning, I often forgot that I am wearing the badge. I was shocked when others asked me about my due date, as I thought they were commenting on my weight gain, when they were really commenting on the badge. Judging from the laughter in the room, I must have made quite the funny face!

We hope you enjoyed this read! If you have any questions or can share some tips with Sophie, please comment below. Stay tuned for more developments in the next weeks.