COVID-19: Handwashing for Babies

Dr Sophie Niedermaier

A lot of parents ask how to wash their babies' hands to make sure they don't transmit Covid19. Here are some simple instructions by Dr Sophie:

1) Use two cloths or small towels - one soaked with soap and water, another with water only. Try to expand this phase to 20 seconds.

2) Wipe your babies hands with towel containing soap and water first. Then clean them with the one which was only soaked in water. 

3) Dry hands with a dry towel or a paper towel. 

4) Applying a moisturiser has previously been shown to help with keeping other viruses such as the flu virus away, so it might be helpful with Coronavirus, as well.

is more effective than baby wipes. Baby wipes don't contain alcohol, so won't kill the virus. Other remedies often suggested on social media, such as essential oils, aren't helpful either.

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