Nadine's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Little Tummy

Fantastic news in the Little Tummy headquarters: Our founder Nadine and husband, Max, are expecting twins! 

Despite knowing all sorts of facts and figures about weaning, it is in fact Nadine's first pregnancy. She is very excited to share her journey with you, and learn more about your experiences. Feel free to share any advice or ask any questions!

How are you feeling?

Since the nausea has stopped, I'm feeling well and like my 'old' self again. I'm pretty excited to see my bump begin to show! Even though I'm expecting twins, it isn’t obvious yet. 

What was the best thing in the first three months?

My fiancé and I were taken by surprise with the news, but we immediately felt very happy and content about it. We kept it a secret for quite a while; with it being my first pregnancy, I wanted to make sure everything was stable before sharing the news.

We then decided to announce my pregnancy to both our parents during a joint family dinner, and it was such an incredible feeling as everyone was so happy for us! We filmed their reactions – it's such a fun video, everyone reacts differently. Some start crying, some start laughing, some are speechless. I can't wait to show this to our children!

And what was the most challenging thing?

Keeping the balance between being excited but also reminding myself that there is still a significant risk of miscarriage. There is also the need to adapt to your body's needs and hormonal changes and I had to accept that I needed more rest, and had to cut back on the strenuous HIIT and boxing classes and learn to take it easy. 

What changes did you experience with your body up to the 12 week marker?

Between 6-8 weeks, I felt pretty nauseous the entire day. I didn't make any big changes to my diet - I was just generally a little put off food or strong smells. My go-to meal was plain porridge topped with fruit in the morning, and then some bread with cheese or plain potatoes. Not an especially balanced diet...From 8 weeks onwards, I felt fine until precisely 5 pm, after which I would begin to feel sick again and simply want to sleep. Overall I was fairly tired the whole day and felt quite guilty for taking (a fair few!) naps - which I usually never do.  On top of this, my digestion was quite slow and adding some chia or flax seeds to my porridge massively helped to get things back on track again.

The good news is, it all stopped after 12 weeks! 

What are you looking out for in your nutrition?

During my first trimester, I felt quite sick and didn't have a huge appetite. However, I wasn't so worried about my diet during the first few weeks as I have always had a healthy diet, and my blood results were excellent. 

Currently, my appetite is returning. I eat an enormous bowl of porridge in the morning. Most of the time, I prepare it with soy, oat, or almond milk and top it up with almond butter and berries. I also love Deliciously Ella's Cacao Porridge. I make it with almond milk and mix in some banana - simply delicious! For lunch, I often have veggies, pulses, or a simple salad, and later in the afternoon, another small meal such as fruit with yogurt and granola. Dinner time is very mixed. Some days I eat some fish or meat, other days I love to eat some fresh sourdough bread with goat's cheese and veggies. However, I noticed that eating fish or meat in the evening really slows down my digestion. Every so often, I indulge my desire for comfort food such as pasta or pizza!

Additionally, I take a supplement to make sure I get enough folic acid and vitamin D as well as DHA fish oil capsules. 

Any crazy cravings?

Not yet; oh hang on, I do actually have one - I usually only drink water and tea, but currently, I have very strong cravings for natural apple juice. Nothing too bizarre yet!

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