Baby Hilde's first Christmas!

Little Tummy

Time flies! Our co-founder and In-House Paediatrician Sophie had her lovely girl Hilde in July this year. They will be celebrating her first Christmas soon and both Sophie and her husband Theo couldn’t be more excited.

What excites you most about Hilde’s First Christmas?

Hilde loves to be outside and watch the trees. I cannot wait for her to see an actual tree inside her house! I am also looking forward to her getting lots of cuddles with the family. What I love about Christmas is being together with the people I love, having long talks and loud laughs. The feeling to be able to pass on this tradition is undescribable. 

What will Hilde find under the Christmas tree?

I got Hilde a rattle toy in the shape of a veggie - a must for a veggie lover mum! I bought it at the family concept store "Smallable" - they have the cutest organic toys and clothing! Daddy is a bookworm and picked a cardboard book for her. I also got matching pyjamas for Hilde and her daddy as I couldn’t resist the cuteness! We will wrap our presents in reusable wrapping cloth. They look so colourful that Hilde will probably enjoy playing with them rather than with her toys. 

What food will you have?

We usually eat light on Christmas Eve and have roasted game with potatoes on Christmas day. As a side, we serve greens, such as steamed Brussel sprouts. Let’s see if Hilde will be ready to try some! 

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